Pros Las Vegas Fútbol Club, was formed to help the youth of Las Vegas create their own path to higher education or at the professional level. We intend to use the passion for soccer created in our club to keep our players focused on school. We plan on making our players productive members of society and groom them to be responsible, respectable young men and women. We hold our players to high level of discipline and expect them to behave the same off the field as their do on it.

Mission Statement: Las Vegas Pros Fútbol Club will recruit and develop children in Southern Nevada from U5 to U19, emphasizing the importance of team performance through individual contributions. We shall maintain a program that allows children to grow, regardless of their family’s abilities, and prepare them for collegiate level competition, as well as emphasize academic excellence throughout the entire training curriculum.

Letter From President

Letter From Our President

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Good luck to all our teams participating in Las Vegas Labor Day Classic Tournament as well as at NHB Cup. Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend! GO PROS ... See MoreSee Less

August 29th, 3:15 pm

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Luis MartinezComenten adonde ban aser los juegos plase3 days ago

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Thank you to all teams that participated in our Mini Pre-Season tournament! We hope everyone had fun and we we wish all high school players luck in the upcoming season! (9 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

August 10th, 1:23 pm


Tournament Update: Awards will be given out after last match, please stay after and support all teams participating. ... See MoreSee Less

August 9th, 4:36 pm

REMINDER: Games today played at Freedom Park. First Match at 8:00am - LV Pros 99's vs LV Pros 98's and 9:30am - Santos vs Gunners.

Come support your team and enjoy the beautiful game!
... See MoreSee Less

August 9th, 7:11 am

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Juan Rincondo not forget the other teams like U12 we need to support our teams!!!!!! U12 plays at 8:00 am at sandhill and owens2   ·  3 weeks ago

Keyda Idania Alvarado Gamizjijiiij Juan no sea envidioso jajajjaj los chikos de 99 y 98 estan jugando un cuadrangular y hoy y manana juegan.3 weeks ago

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Finalized Schedule: Games will be played this Saturday & Sunday! Award Ceremony will be conducted after last game of the tournament, please share photos with us! ... See MoreSee Less

August 5th, 10:21 pm

LAS VEGAS PROS FC is seeking for Volunteers and Interns: This is a great opportunity to become a part of an unforgettable journey and strengthen your resume.

Positions Available:

Advertising / Sales #advertising #sales
Art / Production #art #production
Editorial / Journalism #editing #journalism
Marketing / Brand #marketing #brand

Please email for more information.
... See MoreSee Less

August 5th, 11:41 am

Las Vegas Pros will be hosting a Pre-season tournament to prepare players for the upcoming high school season. Tournament will be played at our facility as well as Ed Fountain fields. Please share with friends and family and lets have a good time watching competitive teams fight for a trophy. ... See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 11:47 pm

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Adan JimenezLet's have some fun most of all2   ·  1 month ago

Las Vegas Pros Fútbol ClubTOURNAMENT UPDATE: LV Pros FC 99's 1 - 6 Gunners LV Rros FC 98's 2 - 1 Santos Next game will on Thursday Aug 7th2   ·  4 weeks ago

Adan JimenezCan u put up the point system1   ·  4 weeks ago

Las Vegas Pros Fútbol ClubSure Adan Jimenez Gunner (8 Points) Pros 98's (5 Points) Pros 99's ( 1 Point) Santos (1 point)5   ·  4 weeks ago

Keyda Idania Alvarado GamizGood game PROS '98!!3   ·  4 weeks ago

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Open training for U13 Boys, anyone interested please attend open training tomorrow Friday 25th from 6:00pm- 7:30pm. Share with friends and family! Much appreciated!!! ... See MoreSee Less

July 24th, 9:29 pm

Las Vegas Pros 98's and 99's will be competing against the Players SC in a friendly match. Come support your Pros at our Soccer Complex! ... See MoreSee Less

July 19th, 4:40 pm

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Oscar GuzmanWhen??1   ·  1 month ago

Las Vegas Pros Fútbol ClubIt was last Saturday, there will be a competitive game this coming Saturday same time same place, stay tuned.1   ·  1 month ago

Keyda Idania Alvarado Gamiztie 1-11 month ago

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what do you all think about this decision?! ... See MoreSee Less

July 13th, 5:46 pm

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Feris MonaThat should be award to the Colombian James Rodriguez5   ·  2 months ago

Alex VasquezYeah i agree with Feris Mona. James Rodriguez was the best performer in this world cup with his amazing goals.3   ·  2 months ago

Edgar SerranoI like Messi, however, I think FIFA got it wrong here. I can think of others that might deserve it more, Klose broke the all time goal record and won the world cup, James with great goals and sportsmanship. Just to name a couple.4   ·  2 months ago

Cassie Ross PaceMessi is an awesome player and worked hard .....however the player of the entire world cup is James Rodriguez or possibly Robben from far a poor decision ....not trying to take anything away from Messi ability1   ·  2 months ago

Alex VasquezMessi didnt play at his beast. He would always show up at last minute. Thats not the same messi.1   ·  2 months ago

Javier VargasRuiz from costa Rica played better than messi2   ·  2 months ago

Alex VasquezEveryone played better then messi. If CR7 would have been in good condition he would have put on a good show with Portugal.2   ·  2 months ago

Carmennah HambarssoomianMessi was a total disappointment......many thing were wrong and that award had many names not Messi....1   ·  2 months ago

Pete Randallmessi played well at moments. he, and (almost) everyone else, could not care less about that stupid award. maybe diego forlan cares. that said, messi helped carry an average team to the final. so, yes, he deserved it.1   ·  2 months ago

Las Vegas Pros Fútbol ClubEveryone has their own opinion, and we appreciate them all... at the end of the day they are opinions and that is all. Found this interesting story that could certainly help us understand why he was a good candidate. We do like James, however he was not able to help his team get to the finals, Messi did. Check this out and share your opinions...2 months ago

Carmennah HambarssoomianMessi is nothing more that old news....he was....but not more ready to be many great players.....why Messi?....his attitude was bad....didn't like the award give it back....Barsa is my team Messi is is just an over paid player.....1   ·  2 months ago

Javier VargasI know all that and I feel bad for him but its a tournament and we have to see the other players like ruiz from costa Rica who help his team thru the groups who had Italy , England and Uruguay! And costa Rica was number one in that group! And Argentina had it easy until the semifinals! And messi didn't do anything vs Holland! He needed di maria! So yeah some else deserve the golden ball2   ·  2 months ago

Alex VasquezI agree with Javier Vargas. Messi was showing up at the end of the game and was struggling to score2   ·  2 months ago

Alex VasquezLas Vegas Pros Fútbol Club where was messi in the quarter finals semi finals and Finals. Mmmmmm oh thats right NO WHERE. HE DIDNT SHOW UP THOSE GAME AT ALL4 weeks ago

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If you missed Tim Howards Saves,here is 16 saves in one image. ... See MoreSee Less

July 3rd, 10:22 am

Go Out and Support out Las Vegas Mobsters, help Mobsters finish the season strong! ... See MoreSee Less

*** FINAL HOME GAME OF THE SEASON *** Las Vegas Mobsters Final Home Game of the 2014 Season is July 5th at 7:30 pm. and We Are Proud to Announce That It's Hero's Night! All Firefighters, Police and M...

July 3rd, 10:00 am

Any thoughts about our National Team performance? Who is your player of the match! #ussoccer ... See MoreSee Less

July 1st, 4:16 pm

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Vicente DuranTim Howard2   ·  2 months ago

Emerson RamirezThey gave it all they could, USA is about 10 years away to fight with the best!!1   ·  2 months ago

Bassett PlaceTim Howard.1   ·  2 months ago

Cassie Ross PaceTim Howard was a BEAST!!!! AMAZING today.....score could have easily been 10 zip1   ·  2 months ago

Cecilia SedoTim Howard the best!1   ·  2 months ago

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It has been one unpredictable World Cup so far, who do you think will advance and who has the best chance of winning it all! #worldcup #brazil2014 ... See MoreSee Less

June 27th, 11:46 am

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